About Resource Center

The Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program's, Resource Center, established in January 1994, provides brain and spinal cord injury survivors, family members, caregivers, friends, and professionals with educational information and resources to support them in the community. Some of the benefits of the resource center include:

  • Increase knowledge and access to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury resources.
  • Asist in preventing secondary medical complications resulting from lack of information or resources.
  • Foster independence through self-knowledge.
  • Distribution of resource to BSCIP regional offices so case managers can deliver and discuss with newly injured clients.
  • Recruit peer mentors with brain and/or spinal cord injuries, including the coordination of background checks, training, and certification.
  • Assigns peer mentors to newly injured clients. and coordinates payments to peer mentors.
  • Conducts satisfaction surveys with all BSCIP clients. The purpose of these surveys are to ensure clients were provided appropriate information, were able to access federal, state and community resources, and were not experiencing issues impacting their health and safety. Program staff provides information on resources available to address any issues identified in these surveys.
  • Conducts a one year follow-up survey.